03 Greedo & Rappa Mourn The Death Of Their Egos On “03 Rappa”

Written by on July 27, 2018

Article written by: Devin Ch

03 Greedo’s prolific run shouldn’t be this elongated. We’re witnessing an incarcerated rapper with polarizing potential release songs at the “birth rate” of a polygamous colony. Just a few weeks ago, Greedo teamed up with Nef The Pharaoh on a project benefitting the Vallejo protégé more than his mentor, but Greedo would never admit to resignation. The rate at which 31-year old Greedo surpassed his peers & made them his pupils, is simply astonishing. 

On 03 Rappa, Greedo finds himself in a mentorship once again by choice. He devised itineraries for artists entering a trust relationship with his agency, for which he acts as the lead A&R, in so far as Nef, Shoreline Mafia and Rappa are willing to explore their horizons. Greedo’s collaborative album with Rappa paints him as a Gucci Mane-like character of reserved demeanor.

His willingness to sponsor talent in a selfless manner will be repaid down the road, if ever he receives a commutation on his sentence. The Free Greedo movement isn’t only a rap truism, or a T-Shirt slogan. the incarcerated rapper continues to build temples in his hometown like his empire depended on it. Those wise enough to impart a lesson speak in absolutes about Greedo’s irrevocable energy.

Enjoy 03 Rappa and however more he can muster.

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