Article written by: Brynjar Chapman DeathbyRomy’s style is a seamless mix of rap, pop and deep emo ballads reminiscent of 070 Shake. On “High” Romy embodies the last two, emo and pop. With a surprisingly deep voice for someone of her size, Romy still comes through with classicly romantic (and Romantic) lyrics about lost love that’s […]

Article written by: Zaynab New financial troubles have met the icon. Ms. Lauryn Hill is one of the most beloved artists in the hearts of Hip Hop fans. When reports of financial troubles concerning the rapper arise, many of those hearts sink. A new report states that Lauryn Hill may lose her New Jersey mansion. Hill has […]

Article written by: Devin Ch The tour dates and openers will be unveiled on Monday. KYLE expressed his elation over Twitter this afternoon after finalizing the details his first ever world tour. The Twitter post offers fans a glimpse at the tour poster, but the rest of the information will be made available as of […]

Article written by: Kevin Goddard Kodak Black is a free man! The reports earlier were true. Kodak Black is now a free man. At the stroke of midnight, the 21-year old rapper was released from Broward County Jail after serving seven months of his original year long sentence. As it was reported on Friday, the Florida […]

Article written by: Trevor Smith Tamia’s “Leave It Smokin’, the breezy lead single from her seventh studio album Passion Like Fire, has earned a Wale guest verse for the official remix. Rap features have long been commonplace on R&B singles, but it’s rare for them to really justify their existence beyond adding some star power to […]

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