Santigold Grabs Shenseea From Port Authority With “Don’t Blame Me”

Written by on July 29, 2018

Article written by: Devin Ch

Santigold always flirted with the idea of dancehall record without saying it outright. Her main-producer for X-amount of years was a man caught between worlds of indecent exposure. From basin states to Luanda in Angola, he spent resources of others. I’m speaking of Diplo.

The dancehall pipeline that scales NY and Jamaica is generous to Diplo. Most of the leading artists betrothed speak of his qualifications (in dancehall). So with no further ado, Santigold represents Mad Decent, the imprint Diplo built off his World Music Sensibility.

Luckily the eighth track on I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions LP features the leading female voice in Jamaica, an artist surpassing Spice in importance while she passes inspection as a relative newcomer. I’m speaking of Shenseea.

In the idyllic island of never after, all albums will combine political messaging and soothing melody. But for now we have Santigold, and we’d be better off counting our blessings.

Quotable Lyrics:

Mi body good mi body clean n sexy
Extra grip God gimme when him bless mi
Mi nuh crush clothes dutty foes cyaah press mi
If dem think seh dem a mathematics try test mi
Gyal a throw a bag a wud mek dem gwaan talk
Is a old use water bottle that weh cyaah cork
Bitches affi mek appointment fi address mi
Vex true dem husband a pest mi


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