The WKND Takeover

The WKND Takeover

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Saturday 10:00 am 12:00 pm

The WKND Takeover

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(Las Vegas, NV) - The old saying goes “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” RIGHT? Well, the entertainment city of the world has crowned The Young Futures’The WKND Takeover” number one in regards to radio shows and that is no secret.  

The Young Future consists of radio personalities Sir Young Prezzy, Mike Mikey and Marquis Holloway alongside OG overseeing operations behind the scenes. This quartet established themselves in July 2016 and dominated radio almost immediately on WBKE Media with a huge online presence. The new partnership with HB Radio strengthens the presence of The Young Future with a newly diverse audience of over 700K+ listeners per month and growing.

It is also no secret that Las Vegas has battled inconsistency and prominence in the western region for many years. FM radio stations grasped the dominance of The Young Future early and have spoken very highly of there success. When asked about the possibility of FM radio for the The Young Future front man Sir Young Prezzy had this to say, “patience is everything in the world of entertainment and there’s no exception when it comes to radio.”

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