Article written by: Devin Ch It’s a family affair in Chi-City. The other day Kanye West promised a small crowd that he had returned to Chicago and would never leave it behind. Realistically-speaking, Kanye West will probably forget that he ever uttered those words, but that’s okay because no one really believed him in the first place. […]

Article written by: Devin Ch Out first look at Joaquin Phoenix as “The Joker.” DC’s upcoming project based around the iconic Batman villain was wise to select an actor of Joaquin Phoenix’s quality. Not because Phoenix is particularly motivated in upstaging Heath Ledger’s character portrayal, but because DC can only keep pace if they match […]

Article written by: Devin Ch Eminem has exceeded the projected total for “Kamikaze” in its first week. Eminem‘s sales figures might be even stronger than projected initially. The initially estimate had Kamikaze raking in $350,000 in its first week, but now those numbers have been adjusted to well over $400,000 units sold. The numbers have […]

Freeway, Ms. Jade, Estelle & Others Rock DJ Aktive’s 1st Annual “DAP” Party This past weekend DJ Aktive and Mama’s Boys Entertainment Group through the 1st Annual Dope Ass Party (DAP) in his hometown of Philadelphia. The weather was raining and dark, but when you consider that’s he is not just any Philly wax spinner (he […]

Article written by: Kevin Goddard “I really want to put it out on September 1st but Im missing like 4 or 5 songs” – Cardi B. It was revealed last month that Cardi B is working on a new project at the moment, even though she should be resting up and recovering from her pregnancy, […]

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