Article written by: Aron A. Nasir. Out of all the albums coming out of the G.O.O.D Music camp these days, the one that’s been the most mysterious is Nas‘. There hasn’t been too much information about it revealed. Instead, he’s allowed influencers and other people involved help him deliver the message to the masses. At this […]

Article written by: Mitch Findlay Insert creepy melody. Add 808 bassline. Secure the bag. In today’s climate, it’s not uncommon for a trap instrumental to sound “dark.”  You’ve no doubt heard the telltale signs. An isolated, reverb-drenched synthesizer, not unlike those present in a classic eighties horror score, locked in a haunting minor key progression. […]

Article written by: Mitch Findlay Yung Lean continues to solidify himself as a hip-hop tastemaker. Those familiar with the music of Yung Lean no doubt understand the rapper’s mysterious allure. With a propensity for blending materialistic stunting with folkloric, fable-esque imagery, Lean’s music has captivated listeners since his inception in the early YouTube era. While […]

Article written by: Zaynab A Boogie teases his next album with cover art. A Boogie wit da Hoodie finally posted the cover art for his upcoming album International Artist. Based on his fans’ engagement with the Instagram post, it is fair to say that they are eager to consume his new material. Given the inclusion of the puppet master theme he […]

The Separation of ‘The Art’ vs. ‘The Artist’ & What That Means For Kanye’s ‘Ye’ In 2018, there are 3 types of Kanye fans. Those who hate him, those who love him and those who support him for better or for worse. The caveat? Your placement in that dispositional pyramid may have a lot to […]

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