Article written by: Zaynab The internet is wild. Social media was buzzing this week over an absurd photo of what looked like Justin Bieber eating a burrito in a most awkward way. The photo was so sensational that it made national news. Some people thought the burrito action was revolutionary, claiming that most of the good […]

Article written by: Tania Do you Justin, do you. The internet is a wonderfully mystifying place to find oneself. In a time where information is available at our very fingertips in a matter of moments, it is easier than ever to discover truths that lie scattered across the world around us. On rare occasions, we may […]

Article written by: Alex Zidel Justin Bieber and his new wife are house-hunting in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, one of the biggest stories was about Demi Lovato suffering a life-threatening drug overdose. Her condition was unclear until a few hours after the fact and she remains in a rehab center where she’s currently recovering. […]

Article written by: Alex Zidel Post Malone says he got his first tattoo because of Justin Bieber. One of the most popular hip-hop Halloween costumes this year is of Post Malone‘s face tattoos. In the span of a few years, the man has gotten nearly his entire face covered in ink. The look is not desirable […]

Article written by: Chantilly Post Get your hands on some of the best looks from your favourite celeb. A number of famous stylists who have dressed the likes of Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Lorde and more are coming together to donate all clothes worn by the A-List celebs to eBay’s first-ever Fall Stylist Sale. […]

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