Article written by: Milca P. Cardi clears the air. Recently, Cardi B came under fire for an offensive meme that was uploaded to her Facebook that was perceived as transphobic by the online community. But, now the emcee has asserted that the meme was uploaded by a former member of her staff and that she […]

Article written by: Zaynab “That was my best friend” Old Cardi B fans might remember how supportive the rapper was of her former best friend, HoodCelebrityy. Both entertainers were on the come-up¬†together but had a fallout caused by their career trajectories. HoodCelebrityy opened up about how their friendship ended. Essentially, Cardi B was leaving the […]

Article written by: Brynjar Chapman There aren’t many surprises here.

Article written by: Chantilly Post Cardi B just keeps providing us with proof of her hard work.

Article written by: Chantilly Post Don’t we all, sister. Everyone has had their chance to say their part on the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fight that went down last weekend. Some people are team Cardi while others are team Nicki and then there are people who are 100% Switzerland, not picking sides at all, […]

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