Article written by: Karlton Jahmal “Ozark” gets even darker. Jason Bateman is enjoying the success of his new Netflix series Ozark. The crime-drama focuses on Bateman’s charter Marty Byrde, who moves his family from the big city out to the boondocks. Byrde becomes entangled with a drug cartel after a deal goes wrong, and he […]

Article written by: Kevin Goddard Check out Baka Not Nice’s new video for “Junior High.” Last month, OVO Sound’s Baka Not Nice released a new single called “Junior High,” and now today he’s back with its official video. Directed by Tobias Nathan, the dark & eerie visual finds the Toronto rapper roaming the empty streets […]

Article written by: Mitch Findlay Insert creepy melody. Add 808 bassline. Secure the bag. In today’s climate, it’s not uncommon for a trap instrumental to sound “dark.”  You’ve no doubt heard the telltale signs. An isolated, reverb-drenched synthesizer, not unlike those present in a classic eighties horror score, locked in a haunting minor key progression. […]

Casting Future as the natural successor to “Pusher Man” Curtis Mayfield checks every box on the way to the dugout. Superfly from Director X gives the general plotline of a drug kingpin trying come clean first explored in the Blaxploitation era, a “digital scale” update. Future, no regular rapper, is counted upon to do more […]

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