Kendrick Lamar to Bring ‘A Very Special Set’ to the 2018 ‘Made in America’ Festival Made in America was already a heavyweight show with headlining acts Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and Post Malone. Then Pusha T, 6ix9ine and Daniel Caesar were added to the Philly festival. Now the Labor Day weekend line up receives a […]

Article written by: Mitch Findlay Kendrick Lamar breaks down his portrayal of the potentially-iconic “Laces.” Fans are still talking about Kendrick Lamar‘s acting debut as “Laces” on Power. Now, Kendrick hit Variety to break it down, sitting down with showrunner Courtney Kemp to discuss his turn as “Laces.” When asked about how the move initially went down, Kendrick revealed […]

Article written by: Karlton Jahmal This week’s episode of Power might be called “Happy Birthday,” but there was little cause for celebration in the lives of any of the main players. Except for Kanan, and his new buddy Laces (played by Kendrick Lamar), nobody had a good week. The mid-season marker began with a not […]

Article written by: Brynjar Chapman Kendrick Lamar is “Laces.” Once upon a time Kendrick Lamar was just a rapper with a Lil Wayne co-sign. A few classic albums, a lot of Grammys and a Pulitzer prize later, Kendrick is now starting to act. Like so many rappers before him, most recently Lil Yachty, Kung Fu Kenny […]

[WATCH] Kendrick Lamar’s Appearance On ‘Power’ Leaks Online Kendrick Lamar can now add actor to his resumé after his Power debut, which aired on Starz On-Demand, but has already went viral for free $.99. King Kunta’s appearance and acting debut from Power, where he met face to face with Kanan, who is played by Curtis […]

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