Article written by: Alex Zidel Ariana Grande shares some home footage for her latest video. Ariana Grande has admittedly had a tough go at things for the last few weeks. She’s been grieving the loss of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, and while she’s taken time away from the spotlight, she’s still trying to promote her […]

Article written by: Karlton Jahmal Sony has their own Spider-Man plans. Miles Morales debuted in 2011 as an African-American and Latin Spider-Man. As with most comic book companies, Marvel has several universes at work at once. Morales existed in the Ultimate universe until a crossover event placed him in Marvel’s main 616 universe (the stories […]

Article written by: Karlton Jahmal Juice WRLD goes IN. When most rappers head up to radio stations to lay down a freestyle, they spit a written. That doesn’t mean most of those rappers can’t freestyle, it just shows that writing and freestyling have become one monster. For example, we all know Kendrick can freestyle till […]

Article written by: Zaynab The President seems to have a weak stamina. Stormy Daniels has been giving interviews despite the non-disclosure agreement she was made to sign in 2016. The adult film actress recently opened up to Vogue about her relationship with the current commander in chief, president Donald Trump. The porn star says that he couldn’t handle a […]

Article written by: Brynjar Chapman The new “Intro Edition” is Kevin Gates at his best. The song is almost five minutes straight of Rapping with barely a hook to be heard (the minimal hook has some of the best bars of the song). In other words, this is not the Kevin Gates of “2 Phones” […]

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