Article written by: Karlton Jahmal The opioid epidemic got to Roseanne’s fictional character. Roseanne Barr lost her show within weeks of it getting a reboot. Roseanne was popular in the 90’s, and made a resurgence in the wake of the Donald Trump election. Barr and her cast catered to the right-leaning audience with their sitcom, an alignment that […]

Article written by: Karlton Jahmal Mr. Hankey found himself in Roseanne’s shoes. South Park is known for tackling polarizing topics, but they may have outdone themselves with their latest episode. The hit adult cartoon comedy series found a way take shots at Roseanne Barr, Brett Kavanaugh, and The Simpsons all in one episode. Barr found herself struggling to […]

Article written by: Kevin Goddard Roseanne says she’s going to be killed off by an overdose. If you remember back in June, Roseanne Barr was fired from her hit show Roseanne just hours after she posted a tweet about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, comparing her to the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes.” […]

Article written by: Matthew Parizot Will Roseanne Barr be making her return to TV already? When Roseanne Barr tweeted something racist and offensive enough to finally catch the attention of her network at ABC, those who were aware of her Twitter antics weren’t surprised to hear that her sitcom, Roseanne, had been cancelled. Roseanne had […]

Article written by: Karlton Jahmal Do you think Roseanne’s apology was genuine? Roseanne Barr got her show canceled just months after it was revived after she tweeted a racist statement about a former aide to President Barack Obama. “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj” was the offensive tweet aimed at Valerie Jarrett. It was […]

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