Article written by: Aron A. BlocBoy JB believes 21 Savage was in the right to draw his firearm. It wasn’t much of a shock that 21 Savage pulled out a gun during the brawl at a pool party recently. The guy has expressed his appreciation for firearms in the past. Fortunately, no one was injured […]

Article written by: Trevor Smith An early version of G Herbo‘s “That’s How I Grew Up” first showed up online as a leak in advance of the Chicago rapper’s debut album Humble Beast. On Friday, it was officially released on the second disc of the Superfly soundtrack, and featured a new verse from 21 Savage. […]

Article written by: Zaynab Jocelyn Savage’s parents share their pain on “Sister Circle Live.” Sister Circle Live hosted Jocelyn Savage’s parents yesterday, along with R.Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly. During this episode, Andrea finally gathered the courage to share intimate details of her decade-long relationship with him. The main focus was placed upon her experience as a […]

Article written by: Alex Zidel 21 Savage learned the hard way to always see the same barber. If you’ve ever had to visit a different barber after your regular guy leaves your favorite shop, you know the struggles of finding someone you can trust to keep you looking fresh. Sometimes, you need to go through […]

Article written by: Matthew Parizot 21 Savage keeps the heater tucked in his swim trunks. 21 Savage has appeared to be changing his ways recently. He’s started to be an advocate for the non-violent squashing of beef, and is even delivering helpful financial advice to his fellow rap artists. However, the life of a famous rap star […]

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