Article written by: Karlton Jahmal Foxx and Jordan together would be epic. Jamie Foxx doesn’t star in enough movies. The talented comedian/singer/actor was last seen in Baby Driver as Bats, and has several projects on the way in the coming months. Still, Foxx has the type of personable on-screen magic that makes actors like Dwayne Johnson loveable, […]

Article written by: Aron A. LeBron James is making his way into Hollywood with his next move. The past few weeks have been major for LeBron James. The famed basketball player is fresh off of signing his new four year $154M contract with the Los Angeles Lakers which is one of the biggest deals ever […]

Article written by: Karlton Jahmal The Star Wars franchise is adding new characters. Star Wars IX is just over a year away from hitting theaters, and that might seem like an eternity for some. In the movie production world, that means things need to start moving, and fast. The ninth sequential Star Wars film has landed back in […]

Article written by: Mitch Findlay BlocBoy JB opens up about his influences, breaking out as a star, and more. With his freestyle in the bag, BlocBoy JB has come through to drop off his XXL Freshman interview. “When I was younger, I was influenced by Eminem and T.I,” explains BlocBoy. “I liked how T.I.‘s swag […]

Article written by: Kevin Goddard Watch Jim Jones challenge 50 Cent to a boxing match after talking about his recent arrest on The Angie Martinez Show. If you somehow missed it, Jim Jones was arrested last week in Georgia’s Coweta County for drug and gun possession. The Dipset rapper was reportedly riding in the backseat […]

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