Valee & ‘LGado Say “Fuck Yo Club” & Turnup Anyway

Written by on June 11, 2018

Article written by: Devin Ch

Valee and ‘LGado practice hitting switches over a beat zero parts melodic, but that’s partly why it slaps so hard. Valee has navigated bass-heavy production in the past, namely on his GOOD Job, You Found Me EP, which painted him as a spare lyricist with dungeon crawl aesthetic. Since many of us just woke from a long nap after hearing Ye, why not open up the discussion on his sparring partner ‘LGado, another Chicago mc that goes buck for a living.

“Fuck Yo Club” is a stark reminder why small talk and social anxiety go hand in hand. In the video, ‘LGado sets the course for the evening’s entertainment in a dark room that would only sustain life form as captivating as a rock. Think again, because ‘LGado and Valee made team spirit a priority, going 25 deep in a cavernous setting and spazzing like rock in a rabbit hole. Would you expect any less from a rapper proudly born out of rubble?

Quotable Lyrics:

In there taking pictures.
Hitting Licks
Flipping switches oooh
I ain’t trippin’
I’ma split his shit


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